Red Bull Case Study

Topics: Coca-Cola, Caffeine, Red Bull Pages: 8 (2396 words) Published: May 6, 2010
The pure and strong cola drink comes with all power packs. By looking at Red bull cola drink and its profile, I would prefer to target two market segments specifically; behavourial and psychographic. I will pre-dominantly be focusing at behavourial segmentation. As it going to speak much about product’s quality.

Behavourial segmentation is the major segmentation which I would like to focus in order to be succeeded in capturing market. The very vital point through I feel that market of Red Bull cola can flourish is the quality and awareness to people of its product.

Red bull cola that holds natural and pure ingredients plus there are no sweeteners, preservatives and artificial colour in the drink. Just a simple dedicated pure drink which enhance the quality of brand. Product quality must be differentiation point from competitors.

This is perhaps the best option where Red Bull cola can flourish their self. One way or another; this is the most important part of segmentation. This is where they have to get their strategy right, Red bull cola making awareness to particularly people of UK, who are very conscious about their health and diet. The message which can be send by Red Bull cola about their drink is that; it is fully designed to people’s preference diet. As it is the only drink which contains the original kola nut and coca leaf with more caffeine that helps people to stay active in their day to day life. There is no artificial colour, preservatives and sweeterners. Therefore, it is build to serve your health most than other cola drinks. It’s ‘100% natural and strong’. PSYCHOGRAPHIC:

Marketers are increasingly segmenting their market on consumer’s lifestyle. Red Bull cola must also target psychographic segments as it appeals to be iconic brand. They have more focus on life style and social class of people. They are trying to be trendy.

I would further like to divide social class into disco club, gig, sporting venues and musical concerts. Red bull segmenting social class may also prove to be a fruitful venture. This segment target those people who loves to go gigs, concert, sporting venues and disco clubs. Red bull cola will be main organizers of above areas and that create an icon in consumers mind about Red Bull cola essentials.

The reason I have chosen lifestyle segmentation is because the people of UK more renown as the nation who loves to be healthy and fit. Perhaps we can say them mainstreams, these people need security. They will buy well known, safe brands and avoid risk. Therefore Red Bull cola is just tailor made for those who loves to go secure. Red Bull cola is 100% pure and strong and dismiss the philosophy of artificial flavour. You can take it with you on exercise, you can use it as appealing product. Red Bull brand name says it all.

Red bull cola wants to sparkle in a way with their product ingredients information. Therefore, their message is clear; they want to captualize the market on basis of pureness and naturalism of their product. As they have used slogan “strong and natural” prominently. According to them “we use high quality, authentic ingredients that create a greater tasting out of other cola”. However, Red bull campaign for their energy drink went successful when represent their brand by cartonize advertisement and appealing slogan “Red bull gives you wings”. Red Bull Cola marketing campaign much focusing strategically on psychographic segmentation particularly than any other segment. 100% natural ingredients may get customer toward them but high caffeine; once again prove to be a barrier in their targeting customer. Before I get to strategic segments let me post the article which Red Bull cola has disclosed. “LONDON: Red bull unveils £2 million campaigns for simply cola – Red Bull is rolling out a £2m marketing drive to support its entry into the ultra-competitive cola market, which...
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