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Red Bull vs. Monster

Red Bull is one of the biggest soft drink successes over the past the years. Red Bull improves emotional status and vigilance, increases performance, reaction speed and concentration. Customers drink Red Bull for such benefits as these.  In times of long school hours, stressful work, and very tiring days, customers look to a product that vitalizes body and mind.   Red Bull even supplies a sugar free version for the average health-concerned user. The target audience. Red Bull targets an active audience, especially those between the ages of 17 and 23, male and female.  Characteristically, 17- to 23-year-olds is either thinking about college, in college, or just recently graduated from college.  It is currently in a consumer's life that dramatic schedule changes are happening.  Red Bull is a perfect solution for 17- to 23-year-olds who live fast-paced, hectic lifestyles while hardly making it through long days and nights of classes and studying.The Red Bull consumers can be divided into three segments: athletes, clubbers and workers. Each of these using the Red Bull energy drinks to meet their personal needs. Whether these are obtaining physical edges, mental edges or just consumption for pleasure.Red Bull wants to have at least 75-80% of all college students in the country drinking or highly aware of their drink.

Red Bull with sugar:
Demographics: Men and women aged 16-29
Geographics: Mainly people who are situated in the city, as they are likely to be really busy and tired. Red Bull seems to have a cooler in most bars and clubs in the city as well as in convenient stores. Psychographics: People who are tired / stressed and want to relax and have fun. Behavioural: Students and young professionals to boost energy during work long day at work.

Red Bull sugar-free:
Demographics: Women aged 16-29
Geographics: Mainly in the city where there are many young professional women. Psychographics: Drivers who are tired and need and increase in concentration. Behavioural: Women who want energy boost but are on a diet.

The proposition. Red Bull is "The Drink That Gives You Wings". This is Red Bull's international slogan for its energy drink. Red Bull is a popular drink amongst men in particular, with its largest consumers consisting of athletes, students, and night-clubbers in need of a late night lift.  However, the brand is marketed to 'opinion leaders and hard-working people with active lifestyles', as the company's website claims. Red Bull succeeds by remaining exactly the same. Consumers can choose with sugar or without. There is no other choice. As founder Dietrich Mateschitz says "We don't bring the product to the people, we bring people to the product." Red Bull marketing maintains a sense of product mystique that makes consumers feel special. Customers can relate to the experience they were having when they encountered the drink and they adjust their values to the attributes of the product. Marketing strategy. Red Bull campaign strategy is to redirect the advertising from the former extreme sport athlete audience to a demographically larger target audience - college students.  Red Bull uses all the available media channels, meaning cinema, TV, radio, press and the Internet. In other words the company focuses on the media through which it reaches its primary target market-young people. Therefore they advertise in TV shows like T.F.I. Friday and in magazines like Time Out and men’s health. Another way that Red Bull markets its drinks is through people who drive around in Mini’s and Beetle’s with a giant Red Bull can on the back. They find people who need energy and give them a free can of Red Bull. This is a way to introduce Red Bull to the masses. Their advertisements in the different media channels are very successful. They allow the consumers to interpret the product and the moments of use themselves. Red Bull achieves this by a humorous and witty cartoon...
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