Red Bull Contribution Margin

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Red Bull is the world famous energy drink, it has dominated as the leader of energy drink. Comparing with other energy drink companies, Red Bull holds the largest market share.

Tracking back, Red Bull respectively occupied 42.6%, 35.2% and 40% of top energy drink market share from 2006 to 2008, in that duration, the following competitor is monster which respectively held 14.4%, 27.3% and 23% market share. Then, the volume of business that Red Bull made was 2200 millions, 2300 millions and 2950 millions US dollars in 2010, 2011 and 2012, meanwhile Monster dramatically-developed its volume of bussiness which was 1500 millions, 1900 millions and 2600 millions of US dollars, these data and the pie chart below tells, with the development of time,the difference between Red Bull and Monster is reducing, and up to now, the market share of Monster has grown for 22,6% from 14.4% in 2006 up to 37% in 2012. Otherwise, what Red Bull was holding was throughout fluctuating around 40%.

Cause of different laws and regulations, while for passing them, Red Bull energy drink may be different and may not have the same ingredients. Therefor, there are many editions, such as Canadian Red Bull, Thailand’s Red Bull, and also Austrian Red Bull. In Australia, Red Bull are largely depending on importing from Austria, so it is the same edition with Austrian’s Red Bull. For the target group of Red Bull, mainly they could be manual labourer, and also mental worker Red Bull sales around 10 dollars per liter in Woolworths. As far as its competitor, Mother, V and Monster sale 5 dollars, 8.66 dollars and 5 dollars per liter in Woolworths.

| Year | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | |Sales($ million ) | 2950 | 2300 | 2200 |

|Region | Australia | China | USA...
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