Recruitment and Selection of Air New Zealand

Topics: Recruitment, Human resource management, Job description Pages: 3 (706 words) Published: January 10, 2011
a. Outline the stages in the recruitment process.

1. Determine the recruitment responsibilities & objectives
The first stage is to determine the objectives of recruitment. With having an accurate goal, then we can set the right direction to make correct recruitment. For example, we need to recruit 20 cabin crews for this case. Due to achieving these objectives, we are not allowed to recruit more than 20 people for this position.

2. Review the person specifications
This step requires manager to make sure if the person specification is still accurate, updated and valid. If the information is not updated properly, then the specification is not able to be considered as usable. And it also requires manager to know where to source candidates. In this case, a College of Aeronautics would be a good place to choose the candidates.

3. Assess sources of recruitment
This requirement asks human resource manager to identify appropriate sources of suitable candidates. Both internal and external sources are supposed to be under consideration. At the same time, potential supply size should be assessed.

4. Decide on the inducements
In this stage, the inducements to attract and motivate potential candidates should be determined. For example, if the salaries are higher than other jobs, they should be highlighted. Also the promotion and career opportunities should be fully expressed so that candidates know that they could get good future if they enter this company.

5. Select appropriate recruitment methods
And then, the appropriate recruitment methods should be made in this phase. In order to reach this goal, some factors should be under consideration, like usable funds, time and resource. When all the elements can be regarded, the most suitable methods for company could be found.

b. Discuss 2 suitable external recruitment methods. Give reasons to justify the methods used.

1. Job fair in educational institutions

This method needs the...
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