The Carter Cleaning Company: the High Performance Work System

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Case study Questions (solved) By Mohammad Ali Janvri (Reg. No. 1011145)

The carter cleaning company: the high performance work system

1. Would you recommend that the company expand their quality program? If so, specifically what form should it take?


Meeting with the employees directly is a good way to get the accurate feedback from them in order to increase the involvement of the employees in an organization. There can be many opportunities for the Carter company for improving the level of their human capital. For instance, giving training to the employees so that they can become aware of the basic values, standards and methods and procedures of an organization etc.

2. Assume the company wants to institute a high performance work system as a test program in one of its stores. Write a one-page outline summarizing what such a program would consist of.


* Those types of HR practices should be implement to which improve quality, productivity, financial efficiency.

* Procedures for job enhancement; strategies for implementing and influence a team-based organization.

* Methods to put into practice and make possible high dedication labor practices; development of employee and capability building to promote enlarged skill and ability in the workforce.

* A reimbursement plan which provides incentives, for instance, sharing of profit; pay for task for achieving chief goals and financial targets.

Carter Cleaning Centers Case Study (solved)

1. Make a list of 5 specific HR problems you think Carter Cleaning will have to grapple with?

1) Recruitment of the company with the correct human capital by recognizing the skills and abilities that are necessary to carry out the tasks and the sort of individuals that ought to be hired. Sourcing candidates and building a proficient and effectual selection procedure will be a key first step.
2) Forecasting and building operational goals/standards and making rules and

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