Recruitment and Selection

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Project on Recruitment and Selection at BHEL

Table of contents
Synopsis| 3|
Research methodology| 6|
Recruitment and selection ( overview)| 7|
BHEL (Corporate Profile)| 18|
BHEL vision, mission, and values| 24|
Recruitment and Selection at BHEL| 29|
The selection process of BHEL| 49|
Observations & findings| 90|
Findings| 91|
Bibliography| 97|

Project Synopsis
The Recruitment and Selection process promotes successful hiring decisions that can truly impact the success of a department or faculty. The selection of a candidate with the right combination of education, work experience, attitude, and creativity will not only increase the quality and stability of the workforce, it will also play a large role in bringing management strategies and planning to fruition. For every organization it is important to have a right person on a right job. Recruitment and Selection plays a vital role in this situation. Shortage of skills and the use of new technology are putting considerable pressure on how employers go about Recruiting and Selecting staff. It is recommended to carry out a strategic analysis of Recruitment and Selection procedure. The ideal recruitment programme is the one that attracts a relatively larger number of qualified applicants who will survive the screening process and accept positions with the organization, when offered. Recruitment programmes can miss the ideal in many ways i.e. by failing to attract an adequate applicant pool, by under/over selling the organization or by inadequate screening applicants before they enter the selection process. Thus, to approach the ideal, individuals responsible for the recruitment process must know how many and what types of employees are needed, where and how to look for the individuals with the appropriate qualifications and interests, what inducement to use for various types of applicants groups, how to distinguish applicants who are qualified from those who have a reasonable chance of success and how to evaluate their work.

With reference to this context, this project is been prepared to put a light on Recruitment and Selection process. This project includes Meaning and Definition of Recruitment and Selection, Need and Purpose of Recruitment, Evaluation of Recruitment Process, Recruitment Tips. Sources of Recruitment through which an Organization gets suitable application. Scientific Recruitment and Selection, which an Organization should follow for, right manpower. Job Analysis, which gives an idea about the requirement of the job. Next is Selection process, which includes steps of Selection, Types of Test, Types of Interview, Common Interview Problems and their Solutions. Approaches to Selection, Scientific Selection Policy, Selection in India and problems.

The objective of the study is to analyze the actual recruitment process in BHEL and to evaluate how far this process confirm to the purposes underlying the operational aspects of the industry. How far the process is accepted by it? The study on recruitment highlights the need of recruitment in BHEL. Human resource is a most valuable asset in the Organization. Profitability of the Organization depends on its utilization. If their utilization is done properly Organization will make profit otherwise it will make loss. If a good dancer appointed as a Chief Executive Officer of a Company, he may not run the business. So right man should be procured at right place in right time, otherwise their proper utilization may not be done. To procure right man at right place in right time, some information regarding job and job doer is highly essential. These information are obtained through Job analysis, job descriptions, Job Specifications. BHEL procure manpower in a very scientific manner . It gets information by use of these...
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