Recruitment and Selection Process

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Recruitment & Selection

Chapter 1: Introduction

In this modern day, working is one of the certain needs for living. Imagine if someone is not working, they cannot eat, pay the bills, pay their child school tuition, etc. For working, there are some steps that have to pass before working in some place. The steps is called RECRUITMENT and SELECTION.

Recruitment and selection are the important things to build a good workforce in the working environment of the company. According to the, recruitment is an Act of seeking prospective new employees or members for an organization. Recruitment is a vital function for an organization to maintain its personnel. Recruitment originally meant reinforcement.

Selection is a preference from among choices. According to the, the act of choosing between or among a variety of options or alternatives. The process by which various factors or mechanisms determine and modify the reproductive ability of a genotype within a specific population. Based on the source, the writer conclude that selection is a process in which members of a population perform at different rates, due to either natural or human-influenced factors. Selection has a result, characteristics that found from the organisms within the population in the society.

Recruitment and Selection Procedure sets out how to ensure as far as possible, that the best people are recruited on merit and that the recruitment process is free from bias and discrimination. Recruitment and selection allow management to determine and gradually modify the behavioral characteristics and competences of the workforce. According to the slide from the Lecturer, The recruitment and selection process is a series of hurdles aimed at selecting the best candidate for the job. The firms or companies of course want their employees to be well-prepared and suite for the criteria on the job.

The Recruitment is divided into two parts:
The Informal Recruiting, mouth - to - mouth applicants are likely to stay longer and may be more suitable than recruits obtained by advertising. Mouth - to - mouth is discriminatory, since it restricts applications to established communities and excludes recently arrived minority groups who have not had time to become part of informal networks.

The Formal Recruiting, equal opportunity demands equal access. This can only be achieved through public and open recruitment. The likelihood of attracting 'suitable' applicants depends on the detail and specificity of the recruitment advertisement or literature. Key factors such as salary, job title, career and travel opportunities obviously influence response rates. Usually people getting through the formal recruiting by the advertising that occurred in the public.

In my opinion, the recruitment and selection is the highest level of opportunity for the people who want to apply for the job. From the writer experience, it was the main factor that the applicant could achieve success in the working environment. Because without making through the recruitment and selection process, we will not be able to have a job. Based on the writer experience, the main cause of failed recruitment or selection process is the lack of good communication skills.

The formal recruitment needs an advertising to make people submit their CV to the company. Advertising is one of the most important thing in the recruitment process, therefore the company should not think it is an easy thing to make or to not really care about it. In general, all vacant positions must be advertised. Usually the advertisement must include: •wages and salaries,

hours of working,
duties form,
Address telephone number,
closing date,
method of application.

The information inside of the advertising must be clear, so the customer know the measurement and the job title with a short-bold job requirements. Hopefully, the people who suitable...
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