Reaction Paper for Tuesday with Morrie

Topics: Emotion, Middle age, Old age Pages: 4 (1281 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Reaction Paper
Tuesdays with Morrie is a really nice heartfelt book. If you read the book you will start to look at life a different way. You will become more open and start to realize that life is too short. The book will also make you feel the need to keep the promises you make to others. It made me look back on life and realize that the promises I’ve made to people in the past I could’ve kept my word on it. Now that I’ve read the book I’ve vowed to try my best to keep the promises I make because I don’t want to have that feeling that Mitch had when he learned his professor was really ill.

I’ve chosen three quotes that I feel have a great meaning to them. These are quotes that stood out to me the most in the book. I feel as if I can speak about these quotes and explain them with ease. All the quotes and the entire book are inspirational and I feel many should reads this book to see how people/elderly people really think and feel. They love having the company of family members and friends being around.

I really enjoyed the book and would recommend anyone to read it. I learned a lot from the book itself along with the quotes throughout the book. It motivates me to want to do more with others before leaving this earth. Knowing that I’m able to do things like that now makes me feel good inside because I don’t want to miss out on a good thing. I also know it would make the other people feel a sense of belonging and it will warm their heart.

"If you hold back on the emotions--if you don't allow yourself to go all the way through them--you can never get to being detached, you're too busy being afraid."
This quote to me means that if you’re going through something and you never let out how you feel then it’s going to always be a part of you. You have to go through the process of letting out how you feel and deal with the coping process. If you don’t let it out then whatever the situation is you will always have fear about it and never grieve properly or get...
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