Personal Narrative: My Three Everest Goals

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My 3 Everest goals are 1. I want to be more balanced with my grades. 2. I want to get better at math because I suck at division try and become great before January.
3. I will try my hardest to be myself and higher my self esteem. What are you good at ? I’m good at writing, reading, and art. What learner am I? I’m musical because I love to sing, write songs and play piano. What color are you? I’m yellow and orange. Yellow described me as creative and likes to take her own path and makes her own rules. Orange described me as a risk taker and likes adventure. Yellow describes me so much because I love art. My whole family if very Artist. So we do a lot of at at my house. I love to take my own path and be a leader, I like to make up my own rules like everything to be surprise. Orange is a great way to describe me because I like to take risks and try my hardest. and take my own path on my own I hate when people say
I have to do things a certain way I like to do it the way I do it.
So my favorite quote is “I'm still figuring out who I am but at least I know that who I was is not me”. It means a lot to me because I have always pretended to fit in and tried to be like everyone else. That if I showed my true colors no one will love me or want to be friends with me. My self esteem went down because I wasn't
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Last year I got a 4, it's not bad , but I want to get a higher grade. That 1 and 3 I can do easey the balance I can keep my grades and at 5 or 6. 3 I will higher my self esteem and be myself for me not for anyone else. I can't wait to meet new people and have a special bond with all my teachers. My biggest goal this year that's not on my everest goal is to achieve every goal i have and become a better student and be a remembered student in school not another face in the year book or just a kid that someone recalls walking by in the

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