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Questions and Answers on Social Protest and Marxism

By katie992 Mar 09, 2015 528 Words

On page 856 Document 18.1 "Socialism According to Marx":

How do Marx and Engels understand the motor of change in human history? How do they view the role of class? Marx and Engels wrote, "The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles," meaning that during and throughout history there is always a constant oppression between the oppressor and oppressed. Each time the fight ends in either a revolutionary reconstruction of society, including a destruction of a particular class.

What are Marx and Engels's criticism of the existing social system? The social system has caused the creation of paid wage laborers, who have low pay and unfair long hours. The relationships in family life have become focused around the thought and action of gaining money, reducing sentimental values in the home.

What do they see as its major achievements?
The urban population has increased, bringing rural people to the cities and increasing people’s ability. Production has increased, raising the economy and exports.

Why do Marx and Engels believe that the capitalism system is doomed? They thought that as the working classes grew more aware of the exploitation that they suffered from the upper classes they would rise up and as feudalism was replaced by capitalism, that communism would replace capitalism. Karl Marx and Frederick Engels also argued that capitalism is associated with the unfair distribution of wealth and power; a tendency toward market monopoly.

How do Marx and Engels describe the socialist society that will follow the collapse of the capitalist system? Why do they believe that only revolution will enable the creation of a socialist society? They describe this society by one that the bourgeoisie will be overturned, the proletarians having nothing to lose. Revolution will enable the creation of a socialist society because the proletariat will have the power to win the battle of democracy because of their numbers in society.

On page 859, Document 18.2 "Socialism without Revolution" from Bernstein's Evolutionary Socialism, answer the following questions:

In what ways and for what reasons was Bernstein critical of Marx and Engels' s analysis of capitalism? Bernstein sees it as the capitalist population is increasing, not decreasing and therefore becoming stronger to gain a profit. As the working class becomes stronger a social reaction has set in against the tendencies of the capitalist movement.

Why do you think he refers so often to Engels?
Bernstein refers to Engels to show and contrast and similarity in views towards the means of capitalism and socialism. He uses Engels views in order to explain their significance towards his own opinion.

What strategy does Bernstein recommend for the German Social Democratic Party? He believes that the German social democracy must devise the best ways for the extension of the political rights of the German working classes.

Why would some of Marx's followers have considered Bernstein a virtual traitor of the socialist cause? Bernstein related to the facts of data and the growing population of the proletarian class. The conquest of political power by the working classes are only means for the accomplishment of certain motives and the conquest of political power necessitates the possession of political rights.

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