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Unit 7 Sociology

By Alisia78649 Apr 02, 2014 843 Words
Unit 7

P1: Explain the principal sociological perspectives


In this part of my assignment I will talk about the sociological terms then introduce culture, values, beliefs, norms, socialization, social status, social roles, diversity, and social class Sociology is the study of society and different social structure within, social structure are large groups within society such as; Religion

Mass media
The economy
This examines the role of the individual within society; it’s viewed as the scientific study of society. It’s viewed this way as it’s presented in sociology is based upon empire data. Marxism
This focuses on the inequality that occurs in a capitalist society. It suggests ways that this inequality can be overcome through revolution this theory was said by Karl Marx. Karl believed that the proletariat (working class) gets exploited by the bourgeoisie (ruling class). The statics show that 90% of wealth is owned by the bourgeoisie the rest of the society is suffering (being exploited). In order to end this exploitation in society there needs to be a revolution. 
Capitalist =money and power

A capitalist society is a society where by it’s built up for maximum amount of money. Those who have the most money will definitely have the most power to do as they wish meaning the more money you gain the more you want. People will go to any extent to gain more money even if it’s means exploiting other people, in some way this is opposite to postmodern activity. 
Mass production of goods and serving

Lower labour cost = maximum amount of profits

This is basically the basis of capitalist society; Marx sees this as an evil society that must come to an end. In order for society to overcome a capitalist society the worker need to realize that they’re being exploited, they should unite and fight against their exploitation through revolution and replace the evil capitalist system with a system that’s based upon equality and justice for all of citizens.

Postmodernism argues that in a postmodern society ideas of social class capitalism and large scale social structures is no longer valid no longer within a postmodern society rules norms and values aren’t clear as they vary from one location to the next and from group of people to the next. A postmodernist society is filled with confused people as they as they uncertain of where they fit in, they’re on a quest for their identity. Individual are concerned about where they fit in society and how they can have help to bring about a condition that’s suited for their individual needs . Postmodern families face various problems each day. Single parents, gays, lesbians and surrogate mothers may be seen as negatives. For single mother it’s seen as a women should be married in order for them to survive financially and change their class status as they are suppose have children in wedlock in order to inherit lands and other family property .In modern society doctors have ultimate power as they can decide when to open or close there the GP . Individuals are starting to have more power and access to their health care. 

Radical feminist focuses on domestic violence, sexual harassment and rape, they aren’t simply campaigning to overcome patriarchy but also to empower women, however they don’t see the capitalist exploitation. The inequalities between men and women in homes are men are the head of the house, where as the women have to listen to orders. This implies that men have more authority then women they take control on what the families has and finances even if they are unemployed and it’s the women that makes the money. On the other hand women are expected to do dominatrix work, even if they’re in a well paid employment, cater to their husband physically, sexually and physically, whilst spending their time raising their children. 
New right

This idea is based on limited state intervention in the lives of citizens and promoting an attitude of greater self reliance. New right is in three sections 
Labour Party (left)
The Labour Party supports the workers and tries to improve the rights of the working class. 
Libdem (centre)
The libdem tries to improve the conditions of all people but is this possible? They’ve has mostly liberal views of society 
Conservatives (Right)
The conservatives normally support traditional values e.g. being tough on crime, on individualism hence rejects collectivist ideas such as the welfare state. They’re also considered to be in support of the economy and the private ownership of property Feminist

This means gender inequality when a woman doesn’t get treated fairly. I.e. woman weren’t allowed to get jobs that men did because they thought women weren’t as strong as men to do the work they did. 

This means the principles or system of ownership and control of the means of production and distribution by the people collectively usually under the supervision of the government i.e. welfare state 

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