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Questionnaire| Code No._____|
LDRP Institute of Technology and ResearchSector 15  Gandhinagar, Gujarat| |
TOPIC – “A Study on the effective promotional strategy influencing customer for the products of Big Bazaar and D-Mart”

(This Questionnaire is for the academic research purpose only, the data collected will be kept confidential)


1) Name: _________________________________________________________________

2) Gender:
Male Female

3) Age.
a) 18-20b) 21-26
c) 26-30d) 30 and above

4) Occupation:
a) Student
b) Employed
c) Self employed
d) Others________________
5) How many members are in your family?
a) 0-2b) 2-4
c) 4-6d) More than 6


1) Which store first comes to your mind when you think of purchasing a product? a) Big Bazaar b) D-mart
c) Both* d) None
*Kindly tick out/rank both columns from question 5 to 9.
2) How frequently do you visit a store?
a) Dailyb) Weekly
c) Monthlyd) Yearly
3) Which store’s advertisement is more powerful?
a) Big Bazaar b) D-mart
4) How much do you spend as monthly expense while shopping? a) Below 1000 b) 1000-2000
c) 2000-5000 d) More than 5000
5) Which offer do you like the most? {Please give rank} Big Bazaar| D-Mart|
a) Buy-1 get-1 free [ ]| a) Buy-1 get-1 free [ ]| b) Gift voucher [ ]| b) Gift voucher [ ]| c) Future card(5% Discount) [ ]| c) Future card(5% Discount) [ ]| d)...
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