Questionnaire on Advertising

Topics: Newspaper, Marketing, Infomercial Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: March 13, 2011
Topic: Impact of advertisement on consumers with special reference to nokia. 1.NAME:
2. AGE GROUP: a) 18-25 yrs b) 25-35 yrs
c) 35-50 yrs d) 50 above 3.GENDER:
a) Male b) Female
a) Businessman b) Service class
c) Student d) Other
5.Does an advertisement urge you to buy a new product?
a) Yes b) No
6.Which media gets your attention?
a) Print ad. b) Radio
c) Television d) Word of mouth
7.How does an advertisement affect you?
a) Recall b) Positive impression c) Interest d) Desire to purchase 8.Which aspect of TV ad. Is important to you?
a) Punchline b) Background
c) Theme d) Photography
e) Models f) Caption

9.Do you sometimes sing song/tone from commercials? Do you
Think that this is good?
a) Yes b) No
10.Which newspaper do you prefer to read?
a) Hindustan times b) The times of India c) The Hindu d) The Indian express 11.Have you ever used discount coupons printed on newspaper or Magazines?

a) Yes b) No
12.Do you remember the hoardings if these are?
a) Near residence b) Places visited frequently c) Bus stand d) On the way to work 13.Does the famous personality in the ad. make you think that? a) The product is of high quality

b) It must be expensive
c) The company must be big
d) It doesn’t affect you
14.Do you refer your...
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