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AT&T Sampling and Data Plan
Shelly Martin
August 14, 2014
Hon Tachia
AT&T Sampling and Data Plan
The cell phone industry is devastated by increasing competition and the declining economy. The customer service department in the cell phone industry is rising to levels that are leading AT&T’s management to evaluate options to promote sales during this tough economic time. The focus of AT&T to survive, continue to be competitive and make a profit. The recent histories of struggles they are encountering are mainly due to the poor customer service and low ratings of services. AT&T has had to develop and execute plans to improve their business to retain a strong company. AT&T’s management team has requested a research team using a survey as the main instrument to help understand the customer concerns and desires to prevent them from seeking service from another cell phone company. The research conducted will provide management with some insight into the reasons customers will continue to utilize AT&T as their primary cell phone company of choice (AT&T, 2014).
AT&T stretches back to the 1800’s, with Alexander Graham Bell as the founder. It values a happy workforce, believes in building strong customer relationships, and pursues innovation to ensure that customers continue to come back. In an industry with major competitors, the balance between management and employees is especially important. The company continues to break new ground with new features, services, and high quality products (AT&T, 2014).
Customer service is something is lagging by comparison with the other cell phone companies. This is a concern for us to do research evaluate the data and do some statistical analysis and determine if there is a significant importance with the data taken and do something to change the way AT&T is dealing with its customer services.
Sampling Methodology
On November 21, 2013, Today Money reported, “The primary data is based on survey data from more than

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