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Preparing to conduct business Research: Part 3October 27, 2014University of PhoenixPreparing to conduct business Research: Part 3 Quantitative will become the primary research design The primary research design for the company's technologies will be the quantitative design. It is best to use this design because it will give better findings as the company needs to know what the new technologies will do to help the company be more successful and how often these technologies will need to be updated or changed to continue contributing to the company's success.  

As the qualitative research will be more costly because the research process goes into more depths and will take more time, the quantitative research will save the company more money because the research goes straight to the point and the company can continue to test the technologies as often as needed moving forward. New technologies will be costly enough so saving as much money during the research process is beneficial to the company. Qualitative research is not a bad choice it is just not the best choice for the company at this time most effectively use the power of both designs

The qualitative research design is used to describe interpret, and find the cause of things rather than measure them. It is used to explain the how and why of things. Qualitative data is taken from many sources including people, organizations, texts, environments/ settings, objects/ media, and events. Through qualitative research, more in depth questions can be formed. The methodology to be used can be more effectively chosen and executed. The qualitative design requires the researcher to be very involved in the research (Cooper and Schindler, 2014). Quantitative research, on the other hand, is used to gather data through precise measurement. Some common uses for the qualitative design in business research are measuring consumer behavior, knowledge, opinions, and attitudes. The questions related to the quantitative design are...

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