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Topics: Public speaking, Week-day names, Talk radio Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: November 17, 2013
Chapter 1
1. A few weeks ago I asked my manager to change my schedule to me working every day except on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Reason being is because I have school on those days. During the period of us talking she changed my schedule in the computer and thanked me for letting her know. The outcome was what I wanted and all I had to do is talk politely and smile. 2. Characteristics of an Ineffective Public Speaker

reading notes,
bad preparation
no rehearsal
not dressed to impress
no eye contact

Characteristics of and Effective Public Speaker
Good eye contact with the audience
steady rhythm and voice tone throughout (not speedy or too slow) you understand the material you are presenting
do not read strictly off the paper, use quick notes on your outline to prevent the need/desire to read line for line from it be confident in the material you are presenting
use good hand gestures and movements, avoid movements that make you appear nervous (pen clicking, rocking back and forth, tapping the podium, etc.) 3. I need to work on my eye contact mostly. Its hard for me to look at people because it makes me forget what I was going to talk about. I also need to improve my skills when it comes to reading my notes. I sometimes forget that I am presenting and I just read away. The last thing I would say I need help with is I never dress to impress. I always dress for comfort. Chapter 2

I had a class last semester that required a speech and the first presenter came up, not dressed well, and pants sagging and very poor speaking skills. It was kind of sad because you could tell that this person gave it their best and with just a little public speaking class and all the issues could have been prevented. Chapter 4

a. The way that it catches you is by talking about familiar things like apps and people we all may know. b. It is organized because it goes through everything and talks about it in paragraphs and brings it all...
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