Kevin Wormell

Topics: Public speaking, Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Speech Pages: 3 (1279 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Kevin Wormell
Reflection Paper

1. Begin with three sections about yourself that explain your growth as a speaker over the semester. These opening statements should do the following: a. Reflect on your initial goals for the course

b. Evaluate your progress, including unexpected areas of growth and learning c. Indicate what elements of speaking you hope to continue to improve on after the course 2. Then, for the majority of the paper, discuss your choices for your five major speeches (and don’t forget to include the Focus Groups!). These five speeches were: Introduction, Personal Narrative, Informative, Persuasive, and Final Speech. What does your collection of speeches reveal about your speaking in this class? Did the words flow fairly easily or was it difficult? What was your hardest and easiest speech? Most importantly, this paper should include your person observations on your experience giving speeches over the semester; in other words, your reflections on the specific topics and issues that interested you (and you can certainly include other people in the class’s topics – not just your own!), questions about these topics, and critical thinking opportunities to investigate the nature of public speaking as a whole. Please discuss the fill, The Great Debaters, or any of the Def Jam poets, as well. You may also discuss the campus speakers if you saw them. Remember to refer to textbook lessons, class discussions, and handouts, if relevant.

1A. My initial goals for this semester in your public speaking class were simply to gain more confidence in myself to become a better public speaker. Also another goal was to become more active in making new friends and conversing out of my comfort zone. Not only that, I wanted to be able to talk/speak in front of a crowd without letting my nerves and the fear of speaking overcome me. Finally, I had another mini goal of gaining more knowledge toward the subject of public speaking, whether it was...
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