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1. What makes a good speaker?
-A good speaker will speak clearly and loud enough so the audience can hear them. If you are speaking to someone individually you need to face them and not fidget or anything like that. To be a good speaker you also should be a good listener. It is all under the subject of communicating. 1.Stand erect distributing your weight on both the legs. Do not hold onto the mike or to the podium for support. 2.Have a good posture and appearance. Do not lean on the podium. 3.Be confident, relaxed and energetic. Do not play with your clothes or fingers. 4.Wear clothes that befit the occasion.

5.Convey sincerity, conviction and enthusiasm for the subject. 6.Begin the speech, after passing for a few seconds, looking over the audience. 7.Open the speech with a striking, catchy introduction looking into the eyes of the audience. 8.Have a conversational tone.

9.Establish eye contact with the audience.
10.Use gestures to emphasize and clarify your points.
11.Allow your hands, to fall naturally to your sides, when not gesturing. 12.Have enough voice projection.
13.Modulate your voice.
14.Speak at moderate speed. Do not rush through.
15.Pause before and after important ideas.
16.Have pleasant mannerisms.
17.Do not read your speech.
18.Manage time.
19.Close the speech with a striking, impressive, concluding remark. 20.Stop, while the audience is still eager to hear more.

2. 2. Cite an example of an ideal speaker in the Philippines.
Mel Tiangco
-Mel Tiangco is one of the most ideal speaker I know here in the Philippines.
Ted Failon
Jessica Soho
Korina Sanchez
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