Business Presentations: Question and Answers

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Chapter 14—Business Presentations
1. What is the least accurate statement about oral presentations? a.Only employees at upper levels find it necessary give persuasive oral presentations. b.Many future business people don’t take opportunities in college to develop speaking skills. c.A recent study shows that the No. 1 predictor of success and upward mobility is how much you enjoy public speaking and how effective you are at it. d.Speaking skills are useful at every career stage.

2. What is the most important part of preparing for a presentation? a.Selecting your delivery style
b.Deciding what you want to accomplish
c.Preparing professional PowerPoint slides
d.Selecting appropriate attire

3. Kendra has been asked to give a presentation on the status of an important project. The first thing she should do is a.develop an outline of the points she wants to cover in her presentation. b.prepare the visual aids she will want to use in delivering the presentation. c.determine the purpose of her presentation.

d.write the text of her presentation.

4. You will be presenting a proposal to an audience, and you expect them to be uninterested in your ideas. You should calm and controlled and speak evenly and slowly. warm, pleasant, and open and use lots of eye contact and smiles. c.use a pro/con pattern and present at least five or six points. dynamic and entertaining and move around, using large gestures.

5. You will be presenting information about a major change in benefits to your staff, and you expect them to be hostile to the changes in the package. What is the best advice for delivering your presentation? a.Avoid using anecdotes and humor in your presentation.

b.Move around and use large gestures to appear confident and authoritative. c.Include a question-and-answer period at the end of your presentation. d.Be dynamic and entertaining so that you can capture and retain audience interest.

6. Joseph will be telling staff in his department about new equipment that will be installed soon. He expects his audience to be pleased with this information. What should Joseph do when delivering his presentation? a.Be calm and controlled; speak evenly and slowly.

b.Be warm, pleasant, and open; use lots of eye contact and smiles. c.Avoid a question-an-answer period if possible.
d.Avoid humor, personal stories, and flashy visuals.

7. During a question-and-answer period at the end of an oral presentation, what type of audience would most likely require a moderator? a.Friendly audience
b.Neutral audience
c.Uninterested audience
d.Hostile audience

8. What question(s) should you ask about your audience to determine your pattern, delivery style, and supporting material? a.What is the age, gender, education, and experience of my audience? b.How can I earn my audience’s respect?

c.How will this topic appeal to this audience?
d.All of the above.

9. The two most powerful keys to audience comprehension and retention during a presentation are good organization and a.professionally designed PowerPoint slides.
b.conscious repetition.
c.a structured question-and-answer period at the end of the presentation. d.a dynamic and entertaining presentation style.

10. The opening of an oral presentation should
a.cover a limited number of main points, say, two to four.
b.try to establish the credibility of the audience. organized using a common strategy such as chronological or geographical. d.preview the main points of the presentation.

11. The introduction to an oral presentation should accomplish three goals: capture your listeners’ attention, preview your main points, and a.ask for relevant audience questions.
b.identify yourself and establish your credibility.
c.use an accepted organizational pattern such as chronology or geography/space. what a snappy dresser you are by wearing professional attire.

12. Speakers...
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