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Topics: Reproductive system, Reproduction, Puberty Pages: 6 (325 words) Published: January 24, 2015
By: cheyanne norton

Female reproductive tracts
 Structures:


female reproductive system structure has the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus. Also include the vagina, vulva, mammary glands and breasts. These organs produce sex hormones. They also are part of a production and transportation of gametes.

Is that they produce female eggs cell as needed and they are called ova or oocytes. They system of it is that they transport the ova to where they get fertilization. When the egg is being fertilized is by sperm which is normally by the fallopian tubes.

Male reproductive tract s
 Structures:

The males penis and the males urethra is part of they reproductive system. The other parts that of male reproductive is scrotum, testes, vas deferens, seminal vesicles, and prostate gland that helps make up the reproductive system.

 Function:

After a male goes trough puberty is when the male reproductive system would function. The hormones will change effects where they would make a boy into a man. It would also change the growth to.

Gonorrhea for female.
 Causes:

If untreated, gonorrhea can cause health problems in woman. Gonorrhea is like PID

 Symptoms signs:
Are both the same which includes a painful and burning sensation when you are urinating, vaginal discharge, or vaginal bleeding between periods.

Gonorrhea for males
 Causes:

In the male it can cause epididymitis which it would lead to infertility if untreated. And it can also cause health problems in males to.

 Symptoms and signs:

When men has gonorrhea they get asymptomatic. A burning sensation when urinating, or has a white, yellow, or green discharge from the penis. Also a painful or swollen testicles.

Short-term and long-term effects

If gonorrhea is left on treated it would spread to the testicles In the males which the out come of that is it would lead to sterility.

For women it would giver her creamy or green, pus-like vaginal discharge, bleeding between and during menstrual periods.

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