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1. This is an individual assignment. Each student must turn in a one-page worksheet for the Metabical case. Use the template on page 2 of this document. The document may be typed or handwritten. You are welcome to use bullet points.
2. While you may interact with other students on this case, the worksheet must be turned in on an individual basis. Your worksheet will impact your class participation grade.
3. The questions under “Points to Ponder” below may be treated as suggested guidelines for analyzing the case. These questions are neither comprehensive nor binding.
4. While you will not make a formal oral presentation of your analysis and recommendations, I could call on anyone in the class at random to present their arguments.
5. Work with the facts given in the case to build your arguments. Using posterior developments to justify your recommendation won’t fetch you extra credit. It might actually hurt your position.

In your analysis, assume that FDA approval is only for a one-time, 12-week prescription of Metabical per patient (i.e., a patient cannot go through multiple, 12-week treatments in one’s life).


Decision: Identify the appropriate target segment(s) for Metabical. For this target audience, propose your positioning and communications strategy. Carefully justify your position.

Some points to ponder:

1. What is the decision-making process for Metabical? Who is involved in the process?
2. How should Printup think about the segmentation of potential Metabical consumers? Who is the optimal target consumer?
3. How should Cambridge Science Pharmaceuticals (CSP) identify and employ the differential advantages that Metabical offers to position itself in the marketplace?
4. Given the positioning strategy you chose, what would be your communications strategy to each of your target audiences? Would you change the marketing budget or the communications mix? If so, how?
Case Assignment: Metabical –

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