Obama and the power of social media

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In light of reading the case and relying on external internet search, please answer the following two questions: 1. Why You think this Campaign won the “Year Best Marketing Communication Campaign in 2008”. Please be detailed in your discussion of the rational and reasons behind your point of view. (feel free to do your own online internet search) Introduction

When Senator Barack Obama launched his campaign for the presidency in early 2007, the challenge for a long-shot candidate was to build a grassroots movement so big it could overcome strong primary challengers and, eventually, a well-financed GOP. The Obama campaign couldn't afford to do things the usual way, so it invested in some seasoned people and some brand-new tools to help rethink the way presidential campaigns are run—and give Digital a seat at the table for the first time. Analysis

In the analysis I’ll go through the different communication plan component and asses how Obama online marketing communication campaign performed in each one. Promotions Situation Analysis
1) Analysis of the Promotion Function Review
In our case here Obama can be considered as a new product to be developed, from an underdog senator into the president of the united states of America, for this reason the evaluation of the current promotion function (as a senator) would not provide much of value. 2) Brand Perception Analysis

As a presidential candidate, Barak Obama had his brand derived from his origins, own character and the different achievements he had in live. So starting with his origins Obama as the first potential African American president for the United States represented the values of change, inspiration, equal opportunity for ordinary voters especially from the minorities. His own character also added the values of intelligence, decency and integrity. And finally his educational, political and civil rights career achievements added the values of persistence and success to the overall Obama brand. 3) Competition Analysis

Obama and McCain were both perceived differently. On one hand McCain (71 years old) was representing the experienced traditional candidate, while Obama (47 years old) was on the other end of spectrum representing youth and change and this can be seen adopted by both campaign strategies and even reflected in their slogans (McCain “Country First” and “Leader we can Believe in” vs. Obama “Yes we Can” and “Change we can Believe in”). It also was reflected on the online presence and use of technology for each campaign. The following table highlights each candidate online presence, and it’s clearly identified from the numbers that Obama was leading by a huge edge over McCain in utilizing the internet tools.

1792 videos uploaded
Subscribers: 114,559
Channel Views: 18,413,110
329 videos uploaded
Subscribers: 28,419
Channel Views: 2,032,993
Target Audience Profile
Obama Campaign was targeting the regular voters for democrats who are usually the different ethnic groups in U.S. with a special focus on youth and first time voters. And it succeeded in its mission specially by reaching young voters through the online and social media tools which dominated by them. The different target groups and their voting power were distributed as the following: 95% of black voters went to the ballot for Obama and only 4% for McCain. 55% of white votes went to McCain, but Obama stunned many by taking an impressive 43% of total white votes, cutting the Republican lead compared with 2004. 66% of Hispanic voters turned out for Obama, while McCain only took 31% of the Hispanic vote. Obama used techniques such as Spanish-language adverts to win the Hispanic voters over. 56% of the female vote went to Obama, exceeding the usual Democrat advantage. The male vote was essentially tied with 49% voting for Obama, thus evening the score on the male-heavy Republican advantage...

References: http://www.barackobama.com/about/barack-obama/
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