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Case Applications:
“Growing Pains at Modern Office Supply” (pages 270-272 in the text). Reco Cousins
Grantham University

Case Application 2. Abstract
After reading the case annotated above, I will answer the following questions as noted on page 272 of the text. I will be sure to substantively support my answers with references to the text and/or outside sources. My finished product should be a minimum of 2-3 double-spaced pages. I will simply write each question as a heading and then write my answer below it.

Case Application 3. 1). What is missing in the performance management process? In what ways would improving the performance management process help improve discipline and morale at Modern Office Supply? What's missing in the performance management process seems to be everything: format, feedback, development, leadership, and mainly focus. Doing the process correctly. Giving the employees feedback. Have appraisals more than just once a year. Treat each employee at each store fairly. These things being done consistently, will help improve discipline and morale. 2). How can ineffective performance management programs leave employers vulnerable for claims of discrimination? Ineffective performance management programs can leave employers vulnerable for claims of discrimination because employees like to compare achievements and if one or more feels they've achieved more but has been praised less may feel discriminated against. 3). How does the form used for hourly employees contribute to errors and distortion in the appraisal process? How would you revise the form or reduce them? Explain other steps that need to be taken...
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