How the Main Character Faces Trials and Finally Defeats Evil

Topics: Character, Evil, Good and evil Pages: 4 (607 words) Published: September 22, 2014
1. Call to adventure
a. This that relates directly to the main character and developed him by making him a learned person and gave him experiences that are valuable and some great advice from his father. b. This step drove plot forward because he some very basic information about the task the character is about to face the future. c. This step came in the proper order as outlined in the handout d. This is an adaptation of the idea in the idea because it came after some detailed background introduction.

2. Supernatural Aid
a. This step relates directly towards the main character because that it gave him a motive and advices to develop him. It allowed the main character to learn many characteristics a hero should have. b. This step drove the plot forward by letting the main character gain some knowledge and motivations, keeping him alive during some of the first trials. c. This step didn’t quite come at the proper order because that it was later with the trials, but it still came at a crucial timing and worked well. d. It is an adaptation due to the timing to maximize its significance.

3. Trials during the Journey:
a. This step directly related to the main character and developed him. It let the main character know that there is some evilness in this world and you have to overcome it. b. This step allows the plot to move forward as the main character gains confidence and experience, allowing to be prepared for the final confrontation. c. It is pretty much in the proper order coming along with the supernatural aid. d. It is an adaptation because it took place along the supernatural aid to maximize its significant and affected the story by developing the main character and make him more experienced.

4. Climax:
a. This step directly related to the main character, it allowed him to become a major hero in the story. It showed his courage and determination, as he finally faces of against Hitzig in the confrontation of good vs evil. b. This step drove the...
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