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  • Plot Twist

    A plot twist is a change in the expected direction or outcome of the plot of a film‚ television series‚ video game‚ novel‚ comic or other fictional work. It is a common practice in narration used to keep the interest of an audience‚ usually surprising them with a revelation. Some "twists" are foreshadowed and can thus be predicted by many viewers/readers‚ whereas others are a complete shock. When a plot twist happens near the end of a story‚ especially if it changes one’s view of the preceding events

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  • Plot Diagram

    THE PLOT DIAGRAM The plot diagram: most people learn about it somewhere in elementary school‚ and indeed‚ it is the most elementary of tools a writer and reader can use in summarizing and outlining a story. It is so basic and flexible that pretty much every story written in existence can be outlined via the plot diagram. And yet‚ there are stories that‚ when outlined‚ twist the plot diagram into interesting shapes‚ which leads me to suspect that there is a missing step in the plot diagram: the elusive

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  • Plot device

    Many stories‚ especially in the fantasy genre‚ feature an object or objects with some great power. Often what drives the plot is the hero’s need to find the object before the villain and use it for good rather than evil‚ or if the object has been broken by the villains‚ to retrieve each piece that must be gathered from each antagonist to restore it‚ or‚ if the object itself is evil‚ to destroy it. In some cases destroying the object will lead to the destruction of the villain.[according to whom?]

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  • The Necklace Plot Analysis

    invitation to the fabulous ball and Mathilde reacts by having a fit. Now we have a specific problem: Mathilde’s now has the best opportunity she’s ever had to have a taste of the high life‚ but she has nothing to wear. That problem sets the rest of the plot in motion. Complication Diamonds are this girl’s best friend Mathilde solves the first problem when her husband gives her money for a dress. But then she runs into a second problem: she’s needs to have some jewels. Luckily‚ her friend Mme. Forestier

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  • Plot and Love Story

    steamer trunk containing silver ingots....many‚ many silver ingots. Now‚ my mother’s uncle--being quite the ingenious chap--he buries the trunk again and heads up to the main office‚ where he proceeds to purchase a cemetery plot. Guess which one? ....So now he owns the plot and all its contents. Two days later‚ my mother’s uncle is worth three million....[but] inside the steamer trunk‚ stenciled into the wood‚ or something like that‚ is a curse....A cryptic curse: "Great fortune means great loss"

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  • Plot over "The Lottery"

    their own lives” (Jackson 239). Her goal is for the reader to notice these traits of society upon evaluating the plot‚ point of view‚ and character of “The Lottery.” Plot is a sequence of events that make up a story. Plot is not only one event‚ but a sequence of many events that include exposition‚ complicating incident‚ rising action‚ climax‚ falling action‚ and denouement. The plot of “The Lottery” begins with the exposition‚ which is what the reader is first exposed to. The exposition of the

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  • Linearized Plot Experiment: Density

    Density (Linearized plot) TA: Blue Rex rex Group Members: Billy and Mandy Tuesday; 1200-1350 Abstract: In this lab the density of hand-made clay balls were calculated to understand how scientists model physical effects and to understand logarithmic plots. The hand-made balls ranged from diameters of 2cm to 6cm and were measured with vernier calipers by each member of the group. A total of 6 independent measures of each diameter were taken to establish uncertainty. The clay balls were then

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  • Analysis of Plot in Roman Fever

    Edith Wharton’s Roman Fever develops plot in an interesting way. We see the present situation unfold through the internal dialogue of Alida Slade and Grace Ansley‚ and the tension that mounts between them. But Wharton also weaves in the past actions of the two friends‚ showing the years of insecurity‚ jealousy‚ and secrecy that lead to their revelations. Alida and Grace spend the entire story sitting on a restaurant terrace overlooking the hills of a Roman village. It has been years since

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  • A Rose for Emily - Components of a Plot

    The Components of The Plot In William Faulkner’s "A Rose for Emily" there are numerous aspects of the plot that can be explored. The use of conflict‚ foreshadowing‚ and flashbacks throughout the story form the plot along with its characters. The plot’s stages can be traced throughout the story. The start and end of the exposition‚ climax‚ and resolution can be identified. There is also a protagonist and a few antagonists in this story. The story is based on the life of a southern woman and the

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  • Tragedy and Proper Structure of the Plot

    In part 7‚ the aim is to arrange and length of the play. Most important and the first thing in Tragedy is proper structure of the Plot. Tragedy is an imitation of an action that is complete in it and whole of a certain magnitude. A whole has beginning‚ middle and end. A well-construed plot must neither begin nor end randomly. Plot cannot either begin or end at any point. A beautiful object that is certain living organism or any whole composed of parts must not only present a certain order in its

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