Creating Learning Contracts

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Creating Learning Contracts

To complete this assignment, you will need to fill in the following boxes:

1.In the first box you will identify one step involved in creating a Learning Contract. 2.In the next box you will provide an overview of the step you identified. 3.In the last box you will discuss the significance of the step you identified and how the differences of individual learners may impact this step in the process. 4.Repeat steps until all steps involved in creating a Learning Contract are identified, described, and discussed. Each description and discussion should be substantive and requires a minimum of 3 sentences per response.

Save this document and type directly onto the document and into the boxes. The boxes will expand to accommodate what you write. Submit as an attachment to the appropriate drop box.

Steps in Creating a Learning ContractOverview of each stepSignificance of each step and how the differences of individual learners may impact this step in the process 1. Diagnose your learning needsA Learning need is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be in regard to a particular set of competences.Improve my general knowledge of my relationship with my family and myself. 1. Actively seek out things to do meaning, personally, socially, physically, mentally and emotionally.2. Talk with my work colleagues and ask them to give me feedback on my learning strategies

2. Specify Your Learning ObjectivesYou are ready now to start filling out the first column of the learning contract shown in Figure 15-1, Learning Objectives. Each of the learning needs diagnosed in Step 1 should be translated into a learning objective.Be sure that you objectives describe what you will learn, not what will do. State them in terms that are most meaningful to you ------content acquisition, terminal behaviors, or directions of growth.| 1. Communicate more such as opening myself more about my past to him. 2. Spend...
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