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PDP Service-Learning Documentation Form

Please complete this form for each separate service-learning experience and save it to your PDP servicelearningdocumentation folder on the (P:) drive. This form will be reviewed by your PDP professor to assess the accuracy of your documentation and the quality of your reflection as well as to ensure you are on track with completing your 40 hour requirement according to the following schedule:

• PDP 150 – Must have completed at least 5 hours by the end of fall semester, Freshman year. • PDP 200 – Must have completed 10-15 hours by the end of fall semester, Sophomore year. • PDP 300 – Must have completed 20-25 hours by the end of fall semester, Junior year. • PDP 450 – Must have completed 35-40 hours by Interterm, Senior year

Transfer students are required to complete 5 hours of service-learning for each semester enrolled at Bridgewater. Reference to these forms should strengthen the service-learning reflection you do in your Personal Development Reflective Essay.

Student name: [pic]
PDP Professor: [pic]
Date(s) of service: [pic]
Date of this documentation: [pic]
Total hours served in this experience (maximum of 10 hours per agency per year): [pic] Agency served: [pic]
Agency supervisor: [pic]
Supervisor’s phone number: [pic]
Supervisor’s email address: [pic]

Describe the service you provided:

WHAT: Describe the primary social issue your service addressed (e.g. ageism, education, environment, healthcare, poverty, racism, sexism, etc.) and what you learned about it.      

SO WHAT: Describe any personal values, assumptions, perceptions, and/or commitments that were challenged or reinforced by your service.      

NOW WHAT: What more could you and/or society do to address this issue?      

| |Student Signature. By checking this box, the student certifies that the information provided above is accurate and that he/she understands the fabrication...
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