unit 14 promote childrens welfare and wellbeing in the early years

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Unit: 14
Welfare requirements and guidance of relevant early years framework. Keeping children healthy and safe is so important that over time the four uk home nations have regulated the care of children in settings. To complete this learning outcome you will need to show that you understand and can follow the welfare requirements and guidance that apply to your setting and that you know about the lines of reporting within your setting. The welfare requirements and guidance.

To ensure children health, safety and well-being, every home nation has sets of standards or welfare requirements which settings must meet. The standards vary from country but they all exist in order to protect children who are being cared for by people other than their families. It is essential that you obtain a copy of standards or welfare requirements that apply in the home nation in which you work. If you work outside England, you should also make sure that you are referring to the type of setting in which you work, such as day-care, pre-school etc. Welfare requirements in England.

In England, since September 2008, the welfare requirements are now part of the Early Years Foundation Stage. They have also been standardised so that all settings comply with the same welfare requirements you will find the welfare requirements in the statutory framework section of the Eyfs pack. The welfare requirements are compulsory, and it is essential that you have read them as your setting has a legal duty to comply with them.

Lines of reporting and responsibility within the work setting. If you work with children in group setting, it is essential to understand the lines of reporting and responsibility. In some small settings, the lines of reporting might be quite obvious (for example, you may go straight to your supervisor or manager), but in large settings certain members of staff may be responsible for different areas, such as health and safety , and you should report...
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