Promotion Strategies

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Cupcake Promotions
Jonathan Rivera
Grantham University

Cupcake Promotions
To increase cupcake sales there is a variety of strategies and ways to embrace the costumer to buy more and increase sales. The following strategies are good promotion strategies to get those cupcakes out to the customer: Logos:

A recognizable logo for your cupcake business will help to develop the brand. Use a logo on all of the advertising pertaining to the bakery. Order custom seals for the cupcake boxes, business cards and sales tickets using this logo. This will make customers get accustomed to the logo. Specials:

Making special sales or offers with your cupcakes is a good promotion strategy and will encourage customers to buy more and visit more, especially because they will feel like they are getting a deal. Choose a flavor that is suitable for special pricing and discounts. The discount should be good enough to appeal to customers without forcing the business to take a loss with the cupcake special. Another way is to give customers discount on large purchases. Lower the price per cupcake after a number of cupcakes purchased. For example, if you charge $5 per cupcake, lower the price to $3.75 if the customer purchases at least 20 cupcakes. Contests:

Contests always get the customers excited and create the want to try you product and go by your store. The chance of winning a price also embraces and motivates the customer to go and win that price. A logical idea of a prize for the bakery can be a package of free cupcakes or a gift certificate for the purchase of cakes in the near future. If the bakery is located around a business area, is a great idea to set up a box for business cards and once a month, draw a business card from that box to determine which business will win free cupcakes. You can also listen to customer opinions for new cupcake flavors and frosting combinations and make a contest. Customers submit their cupcake ideas...
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