Professional Standards for Teaching

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Jennifer Ford

PTLLS Chapter 1

Professional Standards for Teaching
There are six domains that make up the professional standard for teaching in the lifelong learning sector: • • • • • • Domain A: Values and Practice Domain B: Learning and Teaching Domain C: Specialist Learning and Teaching Domain D: Planning for Learning Domain E: Assessment for Learning Domain F: Access and Progress

Each are divided into three sections:
• • • Scope Knowledge and Understanding Practice

Scope outlines the aim, Knowledge and Understanding tells about what needs to be known, whilst Practice instructs on how to apply it. Knowledge and Understanding, along with the Practice sections are broke down into subsections, if needed, to provided further explanation. All domains share the same values under AS 1-5, which states that teachers value: • • • • • AS1 All learners, their progress and development, their learning goals and aspirations and the experience they bring to their learning. AS2 Learning, its potential to benefit people emotionally, intellectually, socially and economically, and its contribution to community sustainability. AS3 Equality, diversity and inclusion in relation to learners, the workforce, and the community. AS4 Reflection and evaluation of their own practice and their continuing professional development as teachers. AS5 Collaboration with other individuals, groups and/or organisations with a legitimate interest in the progress and development of learners. Domain Teacher Commitments Though values remain the same, commitments vary throughout the domains. In Domain A, teachers are committed to applying understood codes of practice and doing what it takes to create and maintain a safe environment. Teachers should also work to improve on their quality of practice. In Domain B, teachers should work to maintain an inclusive, encouraging and just learning environment, using a range of resources to support learners. Enhance learning with proper and effective...
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