Professional Standards

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Professional Standards
October 31, 2012

Professional Standards
In this paper we will look at <meta> tags being used to promote accessibility and search engine optimization. We will also look at why it is important to have professional standards in web development. These two items are very important to consider when designing and developing a website. Meta tags, which are “tags that include information such as the page author or description” (Martinez, n.d.). Meta tags are used in web design to help different search engines determine how and where to rank your specific website. There are different types of meta tags that can be used. “Tags such as “description” which consist of one or two sentences describing your website” (Martinez, n.d.). There are also title tags so that visitors to your site know where they are when looking at their browser. These tags are also used in helping different search engines to link to your website. You will also have “keywords” which help you to get more people to visit your website by the search engines recognizing these words when typed into your browser. Meta tags are important to a website, they let the browsers and search engines know what is going on with your website. These are important because they tell these other programs who you are and where you can be found on the internet. Knowing how to use these tags will help drive more users to your site. They help to optimize how the search engine finds and displays your website’s information. They also help to make it easier for users to find your site which helps with accessibility to your site. Having professional standards in web development is a very important issue. “Having web standards are important because it affects the end-users web experience” (The Importance of Web Standards, 2011). By having web standards in place we as designers and developers make sure that the end-user has a smooth and error free web experience. By using the standards that...

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Engine Optimization?
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