Process Flow

Topics: Google, Plastic surgery, Surgery Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: August 6, 2013


I chose to construct a sales process flow based upon a previous job I had as a medical consultant for a plastic surgeon. Dr. Bishara performed all different types of cosmetic procedures, yet he decided to shift his practice to focus on hair transplants. We were the only practice in the state of Texas that had a robot that performed these hair transplants. Dr. Bishara, had done a great job at marketing with Google adwords, which created a lot of traffic to our webpage. There were thousands of leads being generated that he could not keep up with. I was hired to take care of marketing, leads, and perform consultations. Although my process seems to be quite simple, the steps that go along with it are vital, if performed correctly. The process flow that I have created was the same one I had constructed when I first started. I think any sort of modification to this process would only hinder the success I have had with it. It starts when patients search on Google to learn more about hair transplants. Bishara Cosmetic surgery would be the first name at the top of the page. This would direct patients to our webpage. If they were interested enough they had the choice of filling out our hair history form. Each lead would come directly to me on my email in real time. The key was always making sure to respond within twenty- four hours by phone. This part of the process wast critical because time is of the essence when it’s not your own. I would give a brief synapsis of how the procedure is performed. I made sure to let patients know our consultations were free. Most patients were relieved when they heard this and almost always scheduled immediately. Once the patient would come in for his consultation, I would explain the entire process from start to finish. This lasted for about forty-five minutes, the last fifteen minutes were for the patient to ask any questions they may have had. At the end of each consultation I would create a treatment plan...
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