Process Analysis Essay on Process Writing

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Firstly, Process or processing typically describes the action of taking something through an established and usually routine set of procedures or steps to convert it from one form to another, such as processing paperwork to grant a mortgage loan, processing milk into cheese, or converting computer data from one form to another. A process involves steps and decisions in the way work is accomplished, and may involve a sequence of events. The source of this information can be found on the website: Wikipedia ( Secondly, ANALYSIS is when you tell your results to prove or disprove your original guess or hypothesis. Explaining why your results turned out this way. For example: If a scientist believes that he has found the cure for Aids, he then has certain steps to take. He first has to observe, identify, describe and experiment the drug or substance that he is certain it is the cure for aids, he then have to state everything in steps, from what he did, from the very beginning .This is called analysis. To tie the both in one: Process Analysis is basically a form of technical writing and expository writing. ” designed to convey to the reader how a change takes place through a series of stages". Technical writing is where The description of scientific and computer-related activities, whereas expository writing is a type of writing  where the purpose is to inform, explain, describe, or define the author's subject to the reader. Expository text is meant to deposit information and is the most frequently used type of writing by students in colleges and universities. A well-written exposition remains focused on its topic and lists events in chronological order. Examples of expository writing include driving directions and instructions on performing a task.  Key words such as first, after, next, then and last usually signal sequential writing. Most importantly first-person pronouns (I) should be avoided. Expository essays...

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