pork barrel

Topics: Sovereign state, Government, Democracy Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: January 27, 2014
Essay: Pork Barrel

A cure, a treat, an alliance, a devastation or just a play. What do we really know about that so called Pork Barrel? All nation introduce to there governance the power of pork barrel stating that it’s a program serving righteous benefits for the society that concentrates on the people’s cost. But as a result of what they said Pork Barrel, I, you, we can’t see a single glimpse of faith brought by them. How can we say were free when we know that our hands and feet are tightly chained, how can we say were free when we know that were controlled by our very own governance who have no pardon for any citizens that relives faith in there own way. Why do Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Eastern and Central Europe stated that they walk in on the path of righteousness, do that show that we have a bunch of prod, foolish and culprits in our public officials. It’s stated that the government is our government so how the government is working to help people over come complex problem if there the one who giving them and courses them in the path of lies and faults. A very good example is The Intriguing Controversy of the Year, The Pork Barrel Scam of Mrs. Janet Lim Napoles whom to be the brains of the lost of more than 10 Billion pesos in the funding of the Nation. And not only she is involve there’s still senators and congressman involve, how can they hold on trough this even then there are peoples supporting and trusting them all the way. Upon all happenings, evidence and controversies Mrs. Janet Lim Napoles can be voted not guilty, what is this happenings do our government just playing and fooling around to this crisis. Majority of the people is grieving for the lost wealth and opportunities just imagine all that money can do, it can feed million of people, can give hundred of thousand opportunities, can build off thousands of houses, can heal hundreds of illnesses, and help our only one nation from...
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