Obamacare vs. Religion

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ObamaCare vs. Religion

Religious leaders are fighting against ObamaCare, saying it goes against what they believe in, and that they should not be forced to pay for it in any way, even indirectly. I think differently, they should not have a say based on their religion alone as to whether or not they participate. They can claim it violates their freedom, but I don’t think anyone quite understands what freedom means for us now, so let’s look at freedom first.

Are we really free? The definition of freedom is this, “exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.” From my point of view, if you want to get anything done you will have to take orders, do them the way you’re told, and have others interfere when it isn’t going the way they wanted it to. Sure you could just sit and do nothing, you’re free to do that, but that would land you homeless, and poor. Freedom is an illusion placed in front of us so we don’t see the truth, and stay motivated.

Most of the decisions you make have already been made for you. It is relatively easy to get someone to do something you want them to do as long as you don’t out right tell them to do it. For instance, most companies put ads out there in specific orders, or at specific times or places, because when put a certain way they put the idea in your mind, the idea that you want whatever it is they’re selling, whatever it is you saw in those ads.

Companies, the government, etc., all know you. They base how they will get to you off of where you are, what kind of neighborhood you live in. Using this information they will build certain stores there because they know people like you will buy their products, before you even knew the merchandise existed. That’s my opinion on freedom.

Now I feel as though every religion has something to whine about, (I’m Agnostic because it just seems like the most logical stand point.) but just because a group of people who believe in something don’t want to take part in...

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