are we free or determined

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Are we really free?
What is real freedom? Are we free or we have only the illusion of freedom? We are unconsciously controlled by various systems and are slaves to the system! If you do not adapt and go with the systems you are not uitgespeog and forget. Political, economic and social systems control our lives on a daily basis! We are limited to things we might do and actually do, we can swing our arms but we can not fly? We have freedom of speech but we can not say what we want. Many times we rebeleer to these systems but do not always work out for you but one of 6 billion people on earth. Think of children who refuse to go to school, they rebel against the system because they want to be free but in the end does not free. They end up in a zinc roof house along Atterbury and will be happy when their Uncle Blackie a job in the tuck will give.

We rebel against the school's discipline system because we only find that little freedom but in the end bring us nowhere except in a meeting with our lovely head grade. The rebellion for freedom come a long way from 60 years to the Hippie era began, they had rebelled against everything from war to drugs, although their release for a while and was high did not last too long because the normal world incurred and the systems they have rejected. Are we really free? No! Is it bad? Not at all!

Can you imagine the sex revolution of the 70 year old's still in power? People have rebelled against the law and unacceptable actions naked in public did! I doubt you would look forward to working your mom and dad shopping center to go. Fortunately, there are systems that we otherwise control all hand ripped it! Think quick little as everyone really was free! There was no disipliene or control systems. Spesefiek our class! Our boys with long hair, who sat Gerlo Wian's hair weave, Francois was ten to one his own black market have Jaco an illegal ysie business and the majority of the girls would be a war plan against a certain girl in..
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