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I. Executive Summary
A. Mission
Sweet Avenue aims to offer high quality and wholesome baked goodies and pastries at an affordable price. The establishment will strive for excellence and shall be one of the best pastry shops in the metro. The establishment shall pursue on having a reputable foundation and stable market. To do this, Sweets Avenue shall strive to build a harmonious relationship to the customers and the society as well. B. Vision

In the next five years, Sweets Avenue envisions to grow as an organization and shall continue to establish its growth and development. The institution shall have multiple branches and will become stable. As the establishment develops, it will manifest on hiring more employees and will create more jobs that will benefit the people. Sweets Avenue ceases to be on the top providing high-quality and affordable products. The establishment shall focus on progression of its facilities aggressively and shall strive for excellence. This will be put in realization by engaging into different marketing strategies and doing effective promotions. C. Summary of Plans

The company will establish baked goods and pastries in U-FOOD PARK CLARO M. RECTO, MANILA, creating a successful business that enables the company to fulfill its underlying mission: to offer high quality, wholesome products and best service to the middle class. Sweets Avenue will strive for excellence in baking to convey delicious high quality products in affordable prices. After five years of steady growth, the company is ready to move the kiosk to a standalone facility. The company’s multiple branches will become firm and the initial years of operations, sales and effective marketing strategies will be the most significant source of revenue. The financial plan is conservative with a focus on cash flow, diverse revenue streams, and prudence in considering risk. II. Company Description

A. Company Name: JAKS Corporation

B. Business Name:

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