Friendship Bakery Business Analysis

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Based on the marketing plan, through the planning and revenue projections that were presented we are very confident that the underlying business will provide a profitable return to our Friendship Bakery. We have made a systematic study and planning for this business to run smoothly. Consequently, Friendship Bakery is very optimistic that this business will be very competitive and able to grow in the future.
Additionally, the analysis predicts the cash flow statement is positive for five consecutive years, this projection demonstrates Friendship Bakery ability to not only create competitive force but also sustainable in long term. Furthermore, Friendships Bakery has set quarterly and yearly sales targets, and actual sales will be compared to...

We also have option on advertising it by other mediums such as ads in local papers, magazines and direct mailers or even can even advertise on television ad and contact local news stations and volunteer to do baking segments. By doing that, Friendship Bakery not only will have its name out in the public and draw more customers, improving the business...

This is because, especially the local restaurants and government agency do not handle baking on-site, choosing to use an outside vendor. Venturing into the wholesale business by working with restaurants is another avenue to get our product out to the public and increase sales.
Baking for special events such as weddings and birthday parties, bakers classically charge by the slice or item and that is where we can see a lot of profit in selling custom cakes and other baked goods by collaborating with local restaurants, hotel or even the government agency to provide them with our own goods. Even if they do not want to collaborate with us, we can always ask them to refer their customers to us and offer a small percentage for each customer referred.
Other than good taste on our product, the way on how Friendship Bakery wrap or box it also important because it also can represent the company quality control. A good packaging with appealing touch, and the customers will notice it making Friendship Bakery stick in their memory. In order to do that, we intend to display our goods with an eye for colour. By adding some colour to our display cases, even if we need to add other sales items we can ensure that customers will probably remember our...
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