Planning Customer Service Standards

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Planning Customer Service Standards
Planning customer service standards is important for both the company and the customer as it ensures that the service received is consistent throughout the company. It is important to show consistency throughout the company as it ensures that everybody knows the standard of the service to be given and prevents poor customer service from being carried out which can affect the company. Another reason why it is important to set customer service standards is to compare to their competitors. Competition is usually tough and it can be hard to gain an edge over the competition. Therefore, companies may set customer service standards based on the customer service delivered by its competitors to ensure that they are similar to the competition and can therefore improve upon this. Planning customer service can also be motivational for employees as it can help them improve their level of service given to their external customers. By planning customer service standards, it sets a benchmark for employees to work against and allows them to measure if they have achieved this through set targets either per individual or for the store as a whole. Designing Qualitative and Quantitative Performance Indicators Performance Indicators

Performance indicators are benchmarks that have been set by the company to measure their performance in relation to their aims. There are four main performance indicators that companies monitor to ensure that customer service is delivered appropriately. These are: customer satisfaction rates, profit and sales of the company, the customer loyalty and the footfall of the company. These indicators can determine how well the customer service is being delivered and can improve upon these. Customer satisfaction is usually measured by customer feedback forms to gain information about how well the company is delivering customer service as the customer is delivering their own opinions. Companies take these seriously as it can affect whether the customer visits the store again or not. Profit is usually measured by comparing its figures against other stores around the area or comparing last year’s sales figures with the current year to see if there has been an improvement. An improvement usually means that good customer service has been carried out as it can mean that staff members have been helping customers to make an informed decision on a product therefore ensuring that the item has been sold. If the sales figures have decreased, it can mean that customer service has dwindled since the last figures and therefore an improvement should be made. Customer loyalty is measured in a variety of ways. In B&Q, customer loyalty is measured by the amount of B&Q club cards and TradePoint cards sold and the amount of times that they have been used in a certain period of time. This can be checked by viewing the number of signups of these cards week on week and by seeing the repeated usage of these cards. If the signups are high on a particular week and cards have been repeatedly used, it can be a sign of good customer service as the staff member has informed the customer about the benefits of these cards and therefore allows more signups. Footfall is measured by calculating how many customers actually enter the store compared to those that just walk past the store. This is important as it shows the amount of potential sales that have been missed and can provide an opportunity to improve these figures through a variety of aims. Setting Qualitative Standards

Qualitative standards are standards that are opinion based and cannot be measured by figures. It is important to set these aims as it allows B&Q to view the opinions of the store as quoted by the customers, which will allow them to see what they are exceeding at and what they can improve in when it comes to customer service. By setting qualitative aims, it allows customers to tell B&Q their good and bad points about the store...
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