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“Market Research”

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Introduction to Customer Satisfaction
Satisfaction arises when an expectation is being fulfilled. Customer satisfaction refers to the extent to which customers are happy with the products and services provided by a business. It is important to gain high levels of customer satisfaction in a business as satisfied customers are most likely to be loyal and make repeat orders and continue using the services provided by a business. There are many factors that can lead to high customer satisfaction, namely: • • • • Providing personal attention to the needs of individual customers Offers of products and services which are customer focused High levels of “value for money” attribute Excellent after sales services

Customer satisfaction can be measured through various methods, namely, focus groups, face-to-face interviews, phone interview, questionnaire through mail and email, etc. By conducting customer satisfaction survey, it allows a business to be aware of the following: • • • • How satisfied are the customers with their services Strong or weak spots of their service Possible ways to improve their service Customers’ loyalty


Case Scenario
McTuckey Ltd owns a number of restaurants throughout United Kingdom, in which some it are directly managed by McTuckey and some are operated as franchise operations. A franchisee is given the right and authorisation by McTuckey Ltd to operate a specific McTuckey restaurant for 20 years, with the agreement of operating the business in accordance with McTuckey’s standards of quality, service, cleanliness and value. It is important ensure the uniformity of the operation and consistent quality of the staff across all of McTuckey restaurants. To ensure that the highest standards exist across of all their restaurants, customer satisfaction survey is suggested.

Research objective/ Issue to be addressed
The objective of this customer satisfaction survey is to identify: • • • • Monitor uniformity of the operation Monitor consistent quality of the staff Identify specific areas for improvement Monitor customer satisfaction across all restaurants

The survey is also expected to be able to produce regular reports on individual restaurants, on individual districts and on franchise operators with a view to improving performance and identifying specific training needs.

Survey method The most suitable customer satisfaction survey approach for McTuckey is to introduce a customer feedback card which is given out to the customers when they patron the restaurants. This method is selected because it allows the customers to express their satisfaction or experience they have instantly, while the experience is still fresh in their mind. This method is also suitable for the management and individual restaurants to continuously monitor the level of their customers’ satisfaction, and is also cost effective. To encourage response from the customers, the questionnaire for this survey must be short, not more than 12 questions, so that it only requires few minutes to be completed by restaurant customers. To show appreciation to the customers who had completed the survey, a token of appreciation, for example a complimentary dessert coupon, may be given to them at the end of the survey. Sampling As there will be many customers who patrons the restaurants, a sampling approach is needed. The customers will be picked randomly from the entire group of customers 4

served during a period of time. The reason for random selection is to minimise the probability of having biased responses which will lead to...

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