Research Project

Topics: Quality of service, Hotel, Customer Pages: 29 (7113 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Da Nang University of Economics
Sunderland University Degree Programme
Unit 8: Research Project

Research Project Report

The Factors Which Effect Customer Satisfaction and Attract More Customers of Pacific Hotel



A project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of Unit 8: Research Project, BTEC HND Programme

June, 2010
Da Nang


Table of Contentsi
Chapter I. Introduction1
1.1.Research Background1
1.2.Statement of problem2
1.3.Research Objectives2
1.4.Research Questions and Hypotheses3
1.5.Research Limitations4
1.6.Research ethics5
1.7.Action Plan5
Chapter II. Literature Review6
Chapter III. Research Methodology8
3.3.Sampling method8
3.4Data collection method11
3.5Data analysis method and tools11
Chapter IV. Research Findings11
4.1.Descriptive Statistics12
4.2.Inferential Statistics25
Chapter V. Conclusion31


Today, Marketing becomes useful tool in business. Without doing marketing, organizations cannot find out customers who will bring great benefits for their business. As competition continues to increase, businesses are forced to find new and innovative ways of creating and keeping new customers. They have to apply many marketing campaigns in order to maintain the high level of customer satisfaction. Few companies have realized the opportunity to improve the relationship with a customer while performing marketing research. Any direct contact, including customer satisfaction surveys, is an important opportunity to improve the relationship with customers. In this Research, it will find out some factors which effect customer satisfaction. It is a core strategy for Pacific, which provide hotel services. The Hotel is looking for innovative ways to leverage customer satisfaction to determine resource allocation and to drive growth in today’s market. The findings of this research are related to customer satisfaction factors such as quality of food, quality of staff, which considers the quality of service. These findings also help managers of Pacific Hotel can know more about the trends of customer in hotel industry. From that, they can develop suitable strategies in their business to satisfy and attract more customers. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

This study has been completed with a lot of help from my classmates, my friends and my relatives. I highly appreciate a lot of help the Resources Center of Da Nang University for their supplying the valuable references. Specially, Mr. Aung Kyaw Oo gives me useful guidance, valuable and helpful comments and encourages me in doing this research paper. His experience and knowledge save me from committing mistakes than I care to admit. Without his help, my study could not have been completed. My special thanks are paid to my dear friends who always encourage me to find out the materials. Without their contributions, I think that my paper may not be finished. Da Nang, April 2010 Nick 1


Research Background

Today, travel is a very important role in the spiritual life of people with even any purpose to it. Any search engine to understand culture, discover new knowledge of a destination, the beauty of a new land, the tourism is one of the dishes spiritual life of man. At the present time, tourism is considered to be "chicken spawn gold" in the economy in modern Vietnam, its bring back a big source of revenue for the state budget, the resolution of employment for workers, contribute conservation and development culture deep network of ethnic identity. With the strong development of...
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