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1.P2 Justify the chosen methodology in terms of research question--------------------2 2.P1 Proposed Research Topic-------------------------------------------------------------------2 3.P3 Time line for the research-------------------------------------------------------------------3 4.P4 Ethical Guidelines-------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 5.P5 Primary and secondary research relating to the proposal----------------------------3 6.P6 Describe and justify the chosen methodology------------------------------------------4 7.P7 Prepare for the research project process and action plan with supervisor---4/5 8.P8 Monitor and revise schedule-------------------------------------------------------------5/6 9.P9 Collect and review data using appropriate methods----------------------------------6 10.P10 Analyze and interpret qualitative and quantitative data----------------------------6 11.P11 Record findings in an accepted format-------------------------------------------------7 12.P12 Present and summaries the findings use suitable methods-----------------------7 13.P13 Evaluate the methodology used and critically analyzes the findings-----------8 14.P14 Proposed recommendation based on findings---------------------------------------8 15.Conclusion-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 16.Bibliography-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9

P1 Proposed Research Topic:
The survey that I have created pertains to the Community Events War Chest; an account set up by the Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce to fund community events in and around the Missoula area. In the past, businesses have donated finances to the Community Events War Chest to enable the Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce to bid on events and bring them to the community at a low cost. The increase in population surrounding the days of the events benefits the businesses by increasing tourism, sales, and services. However, Missoula businesses have recently become less interested in donating to the Community Events War Chest. The Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce is interested in examining this change in interest, and wants to assess whether or not the account should be maintained.

P2 Justify the chosen methodology in terms of research question: I will use the combination of both methodologies, qualitative and quantitative method to complete my work wherein the qualitative method’s role will more effective based on the following research question. 1. Conduct a literature review on

2. Observe the group four hours per week for six weeks, focusing mostly on conversations at team meetings, especially those conversations in which the group addresses changes to their work processes and issues of team relationships and identity 3. Interview team members to clarify and provide insight into conversations. I will attempt to conduct these interviews shortly after conversations of interest. While the interviews will not be formal or structured, the kinds of questions I will ask include the following. The general strategy for the interviews is to start off with broad questions and follow up on the interviewee’s responses, to capture her or his meanings and to avoid imposing my meanings on the interviewee. 4. Undertake a situational analysis of the field notes and interview notes 5. Write a research report

P3 Time line for the research:
Prepare proposal by 1 April
Complete literature review by 15 April
Complete fieldwork by22 May
Complete analysis by 29 May
Give presentation on 3 June
Complete final report by 16 June

P4 Ethical Guidelines:
Ethical guidelines were followed to ensure the confidentiality of the participants. The names of the businesses remained confidential and were not recorded with the responses. The research did not...

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• Lecture notes
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