A New Work Ethic-Typical the Attitudes That Sheehy Reports

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A New Work Ethic

A New Work Ethic

Business Ethics

A New Work Ethic

Describe how typical the attitudes that Sheehy reports appear to be in work environments you have experienced.

The attitudes of the employees that Sheehy reported on do, in fact, appear to be typical. It has been my experience that there is a break down or disconnect, if you will, in the attitudes of workers in the United States. Initially, it was believed that the poor attitudes of those in customer service positions were a lack of maturity on the part of the employee. However, as I continue to experience customer service in this country, it is noted that the problem is not just one of immaturity. It appears that the problem is based more in a lack of understanding and training in appropriate customer service.

There is a fast food chain that has become popular in recent years that seems to get the customer service process right on several levels. Chick-fil-A provides the best customer service of all fast food chains. Whether placing an order inside at the counter or in a car at the drive through, a customer always feels important. Employees of this chain have been highly trained in quality customer service and always respond with a “my pleasure” at the end of serving a customer. People return to this restaurant over and over again because the product us excellent, but also so is the customer service. An interesting study would be to determine the level of pilferage that is experienced within the Chick-fil-A organization.

Explain the implications of the work ethic Sheehy describes for the future of American business.

There are many implications of the work ethic described by Sheehy. Considering quality customer service is one of the many reasons customers return to spend their money, it is important that employees put their best foot forward, so to speak. Quality customer service promotes business growth, as customers return to make future purchases and to share...
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