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Introduction of AET:-

AET Transport Pty Ltd. was founded in 1997 by Fred Bingle of Melbourne, Australia. It's new company who quickly achieved its goals through long hours and hard work. Their employees were very responsible for servicing and cleaning their trucks. AET transport used dry van and refrigerated service which is the most demanding by the customer .AET transport has rental and leased agreement with some of the largest trailer leasing and rental companies in an Australia. The main purpose of the AET Company is providing good customer service and supplies their goods on time. AET transport takes pride in safety and compliance. They have mission to provide and improve their customer’s service.

Mission statement:-

Transportation Services mission is provide to safe, economical and appropriate transportation and staff to perform their official duties.

To acquire the type and number of vehicles necessary and appropriate to meet the needs of faculty and staff to perform their duties.

To provide quality customer service, and their actual un-organised\ informal process for working with customer.

Trained employees certified in the transportation of dangerous goods, the handling of hazardous materials and zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol provides a safer with safe manners.

Employee requirements\ facilities

Regular medical check-up.

Insurance cover to safeguard against any injury.

Reliable and good trucks.

Reliable break-times.

Good pay scale.

Hour limitation and overtime.

Annual leave in according with the annual holidays act.

Casual employees shall be paid at the end of each day or at the termination of their casual employment.

Limitation of driving hours.

Equipment necessary to perform the work.

Up to date Training

Customer Requirements/facilities:-

Co-operative Customer service.

The review/status section includes any regular reviews, status reports, progress reports.

Customer almost always wants it accurate to their needs and on time.

Safe delivery.

Faster response.

Solving Complaints. Good customer service.

Take a messages and schedule appointments.

Customer service standards:-

Delivery within VIC next day.

Friendly Customer representative.

Delivery trucks should be clean, dry and refrigerated.

Alternative should be available in emergency.

Phone should be answered in 3 rings.

Flexible or 24 delivery hours.

All enquiries should be attended immediately.

Procedures for implementation of these standards:-

Train employee and make a separate staff that deal with customers and understand their comment and vent what they want in customer service and solve their problem with great attentions.

Trucks should be clean in specific time and should be refrigerated because we can provide service according to the customers.

Train people to answer in 3 rings and arrange extra staff to listen the customer problem and give them good solutions.

Staff given 2 weeks customers service standards.

Mystery shoppers will be hired who can check about the employees work are they doing good job or not how to deal with customers.

Arrange meetings and open houses where the customers can tell their problem and employee get that and improve the service.

Feedback form should be arranged for customers because they can write what they expect from the company and service.

Process of handling customer’s complaints:-

Deal with a person’s concerns respectfully and helpfully, you effort and consideration will almost always be appreciated and former complainers will walk away feeling happy and valued.

Remedy any situation and provide good solution .

Confirm with the customer that they are happy with solutions, and thanks them for...
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