Defining Computer Support

Topics: Customer service, Good, Customer Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: February 18, 2012
This company strives for excellence in everything we do. We know this starts with our employees. Our employees must provide the best service for our customers because without them there wouldn't be a company. We have to work together with the best there is to make sure that we keep every customer we have and provide them with excellent service. A customer is more likely to spread news about bad service than good service. We always want the customer to spread good things so we have to make sure that if something bad does happen then we have to do whatever is in our power to fix the problem and make things right for everyone. A help desk worker needs to make sure they understand what it is to provide customer service and do it right.

To better understand your job it is best to start with the different levels of customer service. They are expected, desired, and unanticipated. The expected level is best described as the level where a customer service agent can provide the barest of service but still help the customer. This level is also what most customers expect. The desired level is best described as what the customer wants and desires from customer service. This can also mean going above and beyond normal service in order to make the customer the most satisfied. The unanticipated level is where the customer service agent and it's company go above and beyond each and every time they provide customer service. This is obviously the level the customer does not expect. We always strive to provide the customer with unanticipated service and we expect our help desk worker to do the same. If the customer gets unanticipated service from us and only desired service with our competitor than that customer will more than likely tell everyone they know that the other company was okay but our company provide excellent service, and now we have more customers. Customers remember more than one would think.

Your role as a support technician is going to be to provide the best...
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