planning and controlling

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To establish and operate an effective organization, all managers perform several major functions or activities. These functions enable managers to create a positive work environment and 
to provide the opportunities and incentives. The key 
management functions include 


Each of these functions are critical to the success of any
manager and organizations.

The primary function of the four is PLANNING.

Planning is the process of analyzing the situation, determining the goals/ objectives that will be pursued in the future, and  deciding in advance the actions that will be taken to achieve the goals.

The following are the steps involved in PLANNING PROCESS

1.Reviewing the current operation situation.

2. Conducting the current operation strengths/ weaknesses.

3. Studying the External environmental factors affecting the operation.

4. Studying the expectations of the operations.

5. Determine the opportunities for improvements/growth and negatives constraints.

6. Based on the above analyses, determine the  goals and objectives for the operation for the future period.

7. Based on the objectives, determine your strategy how you are going to achieve the objectives.

8. Based on the strategy, determine the action plans that has to be implemented.

9. Your action plan will determine the resources required
- manpower
10. Finally a system to monitor the plan/its progress.

PLANNING is the most challenging, because functionally it provides 

1.opportunity to determine the environmental impact on the  organization / business.

2.opportunity to assess the organization's strengths/ weaknesses.

3.opportunity to determine the business opportunities/ threats to business.

4.opportunity to develop strategic plans for the company.

5.opportunity to develop long term/short term plans.

6.opportunity to develop a vision for the organization.

7.opportunity to develop a mission statement for the organization.

8.opportunity to develop business objectives for the organization.

9.opportunity to develop business strategies for the organization.

10.opportunity to develop the action/ implementation planning guidelines, which provides the platform for 

*organization and staffing.

*direction for the organization approach.



The PLANNING is the most challenging, because skill wise , it provides opportunity to use various skills/ knowledge levels

-problem solving
-making judgement 
-decision making
-lateral thinking

-goal setting

without planning cannot organize

2.without organization , you cannot direct

3.without direction, you cannot control.

4. without control , you cannot get results.

For success/ results, you need PLANNING. Hence planning is very important for a manager.


1.As the economy grows/declines, the demand for HR resources changes not only in quantity but also in quality/ types.

2. social pressure to provide the right environment for employees.

3. political pressure to employ local population, irrespective of skills/ knowledge. challenges to recruitment / compensation on discrimination .

5 .technology changes means getting right type of people or provide the right type of training.

6.competitive pressure to get the right talent at the right compensation.

7.strategic planning seeks strategic HR planning.

8. BUDGET constraint put pressure on HR to get the best resources for the least.

9. sales / production increases in business, puts pressure on HR to recruit more.

10.sales / production decreases in business, puts pressure on HR to rationalise recruitment.

11. new venture means demand for new type of skills/...
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