Garments Internship Report

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We are living a time that needs and demands special attention and firm commitment towards practicing ethical norms and value and environmental safety at all the manufacturing facilities. The management of mohammadi group has a great responsibility to influence the conditions under which it manufactures the product. While accepting the facts the management understands and respects the different norms, ethic and values it encounter and does not compromise violation of any human right and the fundamental compliance issues at work place. The management always prefer that it all activity in the interest of society, national community and company itself.

Objective of the study

1.1. General objective:

The general objective of this report is to express the practical experience by working in a company and to link the theoretical knowledge with its application in the real life situation.

The report also aims at acquiring first hand knowledge “Improving production quality through effective human resource management” as well to suggest ways and means to improve the current practices.

1.1.2 Specific objective
• Analyze the organizational activities

• Analyze the specific activities like production process.

• To identify the imperative process of production those are the basis of garments manufacturing.

• To identify the types quality improving plan.
Explain the identifies issues which can help them to provide effective human resource management.

1.1.3 Origin of the report:

BBA internship program is a four credit compulsory course for the business student graduating from Stamford University Bangladesh. The internship program of Stamford University Bangladesh mostly focus on the field that a student is concentrating.

The work on this report was carried out as an internship program at Mohammadi Group, Dhaka in the “improving production quality through effective management”

1.1.4 Background of the study:
The report is submitted to Ms.Samina Huq, lect.stamford university Bangladesh as a part of internship program. This is a partial requirement for the Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) Degree, and it carries 4 credit hours. As a part of this program a report has to be prepared by every intern. The report is based on the information which is gathered during the internship period. However in my staying at Mohammadi Group, I completed the project titled “Improving Production Quality through Effective Human Resource Management.” The topic is selected by me and it is approved by my University Supervisor.

1.2 Why Human Resource Management Practice Is Necessary For A Company?

• A HR manager doesn’t want to:
• Hire the wrong person for the job.
• Experience high turnover.
• Find people not doing their best.
• Waste time with useless interviews.
• Have your company to court because of your discriminatory actions.

Major outlines to a manager responsibilities for effective human resource management :

• Placing the right person on the right job.
• Starting new employees in the organization (orientation). • Training employees for jobs that are new to them.
• Staff appraisal.
• Improving the job performance of each person.
• Recognition.

• Staff motivation.
• Gaining created cooperation and developing smooth working relationships. • Interpreting the company’s policies and procedures.
• Controlling labor cost.
• Developing the ability of each parson.
• Creating and maintaining department morals.

Human resource management is the key elements for any development organization. Through an effective human resource management expected and satisfactory result can be achive.quality of production can be ensure if human resource management is established properly and effectively.

1.3 Methodology

To prepare this report data are collected from following source:

Primary source:
• The primary data was...
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