Fedex Operation Mangement

Topics: Management, Supply chain management, Business terms Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: November 11, 2012
1.The organization’s name and main line of business: FEDEX Corporations – Logistics 2.Specific type of operation: Air and Ground Delivery Specializing in Next Day Delivery 3.Describe the nature of operations process given your newfound understanding of operation management and productivity: a.Service and product design:

i.Supply Chain management
ii.Next Day Delivery Services
b.Quality management – Customer oriented business “People First Philosophy” c.Process and capacity – use of available technologies (web based tracking system) to enable customers real time access to information related to their packages to increase customer satisfaction; task employees to think of innovation as part of their day to day job d.Location – sites located locally and globally (over 220 countries) e.Layout and design - operated and owed independently

f.Job Design : based on parcel shipping through ground and air, e-commerce and business services g.Supply Chain Management:
h.Inventory Management: use improved – technology function to meet its goals i.Scheduling: 24 hour shipping operation globally
4.Maintenance: Owns and operates and maintains over 90K ground vehicles; 663 aircrafts in more than 375 airports 5.Global Strategy of the Organization
FEDEX is the embodiment of operation management. The company started out as shipping company in 1971 to a multibillion dollar corporation with current revenue of $42.7 billion in the current fiscal year. Originally FEDEX started with freight delivery through ground and air which expanded to four divisions FEDEX Express, Ground, Freight, and Services. FEDEX success in today’s business due to their diligence in addressing Basic Management Functions – planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling as well as addressing the ten critical decisions associated with a very successful business. FEDEX CEO and founder Mr. Fred Smith planning his organization from fledgling company offering delivery of...
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