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LSP 203/05 Behaviour Psychology Semester 2

Tutor Marked Assignment 1
(TMA 1 - 15%)

Submission Date:
25, August 2012 (1200 hrs)

Tutor-marked Assignment 1
1. TMA 1 has TWO parts to the question. You are required to answer both the parts with appropriate answers. Part A should be about 600 - 700 words while Part B should be about 600 - 700 words, double-spaced, and in Times New Roman, Font 12.

2. TMA 1 covers Unit 1 and 2 – “Behaviourism: The Beginnings” and “Functional Relations: Principles of Behaviour”

3. TMA 1 contributes - 15% towards the total grade. 4. The deadline for TMA 1 is on 25 August 2012 before 1200 hours. 5. This is an individual assignment. No duplication of work will be tolerated. Any plagiarism or collusion may result in disciplinary action. You are to submit your answers online using the OAS system and it is your responsibility to submit your TMA 1 correctly and in a timely manner.

1. Submit your TMA 1 to Turnitin to generate an Originality Report to see your originality index. The purpose of this is to help you write essays that are plagiarism free. Turnitin submission is NOT the same as OAS submission.

2. Before you submit your assignment to the Online Assignment Submission (OAS) system, zip your TMA 1 which should be in Microsoft Word format. You do not have to attach your Turnitin similarity index report.

Part A (about 600-700 words)
For many decades, behaviour has provided the most dominant kind of evidence of what people and animals can be seen to do. Behaviour can cover a very wide range of activities. Our understanding of the human behaviour requires multiple approaches and involves a variety of academic disciplines. We get the best understanding of mind and behaviour by looking at different approaches together. For Part A of your assignment, start by defining „behaviourism’ and explain how it strongly connects to psychology. Also, include elaboration on the role science plays in behaviourism. Then, discuss the five different approaches that held opinion in human behaviour as stated below.  Biological Approach  Psychoanalytical Approach  Cognitive-Behavioural Approach  Behaviourist Approach  Humanistic Approach Provide examples of findings and assumptions made by these approaches pertaining to behaviourism. Finally, write a conclusion.

Part B (about 600-700words)
We have all been in some shopping centre and heard a child crying and embarrassed parent(s) try to silence them. Raising children can be very difficult and there are so many different ways to react to their behaviours. Psychologists have studied these reactions and until today there are still uncertainties on what the best way is, to respond to a child in order to modify their behaviour for the better. Upon contemplations, psychologists have divided these reactions into two major categories: „Reinforcement‟ and „Punishment‟.

In your opinion, which category applies best to change a child‟s behaviour? “Do you believe in rewarding children to get them to behave”? or “Do you believe in spanking children to get to them to behave”? Start Part B of your essay by defining the concepts of reinforcement and punishment. Explain the origin of these concepts. Also, illustrate the types of reinforcement and punishment, alongside simple example. Then, discuss the questions stated above. Provide relevant examples to support your judgment. Feel free to use personal, real-life experiences as examples. Finally, write a conclusion that clearly reaffirms your opinion.

*Important – Take Note:
Organise your answers to form an informational article. Both Part A and B should be written separate accordingly. You must have at least 4 references for each part of the question (altogether 8 sources or more). You are welcome to refer and use information from your course module, textbook and other books/articles/web resources for your assignment. However, make sure you cite and reference them...

References: page at the end of your TMA 3. Remember, citations and references contribute an amount of score to your TMA 3. So, be sure to follow the instructions carefully.
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