Phillips Food: King Crab

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Phillips Foods, Inc. – Introducing King Crab to the Trade

Executive Summary:

The Phillips Foods, Inc., case discusses target marketing for specialty seafood. Phillips Foods, Inc. was founded in 1914 by Augustus Phillips on Hoopers Island, Maryland. Phillips had developed a reputation for fresh seafood caught and sold locally. By 2006, Phillips Foods had three business units that were generating profits and became one of the largest seafood businesses in the United States. The restaurant division operates 8 full-service restaurants as well as fast food restaurants, mainly in airports. The food service division services restaurants and foodservice institutions. The retail products division services grocers and retail food merchants. The three division generated $160M in revenue in 2006. Brand image and production were keys in building the Phillips brand name. Phillips was renowned for its close associations to Maryland. Production was also a key in reinforcing the Phillips image and brand. The company decided early on to own and operate its own plants, this was important for preserve quality and safety. The Phillips brand was able to expand its production and keep its image as a local brand. By 2006, Phillips operated 13 plants overseas and 1 plant in Baltimore. Analysis of Problem:

As the case opens two key decision makers are having a dialog regarding the success of the first phase of marketing and potential plans for phase two. Cherry Stockworth, vice-president of marketing, and Ron Birch, product manager of a new king crab product are discussing Ron’s use of the remaining budget for the king crab product line. Ron has successfully launched phase one of king crab in foodservice trade magazines and as 2007 approached the opportunity of participating in a tradeshow had become available. The International Boston Seafood Show (IBSS) presented the opportunity for Ron to market to a grocery stores and retail food merchants. IBSS was one of the...
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